The gig economy is a massive opportunity for South African professionals who want to earn more money and work with more flexibility. Here are some examples of online gigs that will allow you to make money from the comfort of your couch – or anywhere else!

1. Online Freelancing

Are you a tech-head, blogger, or maybe have a soft spot for design? Can you offer help with business branding, or film a slow-motion happy birthday video? Whichever your skill, you can easily join freelance platforms and receive unlimited gigs online. From mixing a song to building a website, platforms such as Upwork, Hubstaff Talent, and even Fiverr, are here to help you share your area of expertise with the world. Connect with professionals around the globe, bid for project after project, and make a name for yourself in the freelance world of the gig economy!

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2. Online Teaching

If you’re a recent college graduate, you probably still have some advanced-level subjects and topics fresh in your mind. Why not join an online teaching community and share your knowledge with everyone out there? Teachers all over the world are already signing up for Udemy!

The same applies if you’re a speaker of one or more languages – build a careful lesson plan, join language teaching platforms such as Lingoda or Preply, and share your language skills in Afrikaans, English, French, or Spanish with a worldwide community of learners who will pay to learn your secret tips. You don’t need to be a certified teacher either, you only need some proper confidence in your tutor skills. So, why not give it a try?

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3. Online Selling

Are you making your own jewelry, pots, or have an inclination towards funky designs? Then maybe you are a handmade creator who wants to earn off his or her creations too! It’s a relief to know you can now open your own online store on Etsy and sell your items to customers all over the world! Customize your storefront and reach so many more customers online than you would with a physical store.

Not a maker or designer? Worry not! If you have unused items lying around your home, you can still make some pretty money online. Simply sell the ones you can’t make use of anymore, and get good money in exchange. You can sell your clothes, camera, party tent, and even your old car on OLX to make extra cash!

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