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You love animals and have been dreaming about working as a pet sitter for a while now, and you’re currently trying to figure out how to find your first pet-sitting client(s). You may or may not have some experience with

Are you looking for a pet sitter job to earn extra income or launch a pet-sitting business but have no idea where to start? Read our blog post, and find out which dog walking job app developed to facilitate meetings

Pet sitters have a fun and gratifying job but they can’t always foresee a dangerous situation and/or prevent an accident. If you have insurance, there is not much to worry about. Learn about how to get pet-sitting insurance and bond.

Do you want to celebrate puppies, those fluffy lovely pooches that make us happy every day but no pet-sitting job is listed among your previous jobs? No problem! Find out how to become a dog sitter with no experience now!

Ping started pet sitting because she wanted to find the perfect dog breed to adopt. And Rachele is an international student who manages to pay her rent and help her family with this amazing part-time job.

Eight thousand jobs are created in Sweden to supply the demand for pet sitters.