Strolling down Kungsgatan on your way to work, or through Södermalm in the evening, you’ve surely seen a bike-rider in pink whizzing. Foodora is one of the most significant takeaway food delivery companies in Stockholm. It delivers delicious food from hundreds of restaurants to hungry customers all around the city.

If you’ve ever thought of donning the Pink jacket yourself, keep reading! We have all the tips for you to make it as a Foodora rider and keep the job fun and flexible!

As a Foodora rider, inevitably you face a few challenges while riding many kilometers day by day. But you do have an important mission – feeding the hungry stomachs across Stockholm! Sometimes it can get hard, especially during the winter.

Biking in the snow and when the temperature falls below zero is not as fun as doing the delivering during the summer. That’s why we have a few simple tips for you to make it as a Foodora rider – and keep it fun!

1. Enjoy Biking

The number one rule is definitely that you must enjoy biking. There is no point to embark on a journey to become a bike messenger if you have no connections to cycling. Whether you are a passionate amateur, who wants to use their work time not only for work, but also for exercise, or a trained cyclist who is up for another challenge, you need to LOVE biking. Or at least you need to try to enjoy it.

The more you ride, the stronger and confident you become on the saddle. When you feel the kilometers are just piling up and you can’t see the end of the day, think about how much your body has benefited from working out during the day! With Foodora, you will make extra money AND save on your gym membership. It’s a win-win!

Your stamina will improve, and you will be able to cycle more and more kilometers. Our experiences show that spending circa 50 minutes on the bike helps your body and soul reload. You will feel more energized, too!

2. Own a Proper Bike

Don’t forget: You MUST have a proper bike! Besides, those safety issues need to be considered, too. Your bike is going to be your vehicle. Therefore, it’s advised that to have your bike checked out before starting your new chapter in your life.

While fixies are still popular, you need to have enough experience on a bike like that to handle the workload and stay safe at the same time on a daily basis. Being a messenger is not about being fancy, but practical. In the public eye, you’re already a hero delivering food to the hungry stomachs across the city!

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3. Be An Outdoor Person

Most of us probably try to get inside as soon as a bit of rain reached the top of our head, but you are still on the road killing the kilometers. You can save so much energy andavoid the stress if you’re an outdoor person – or be trying to be one. Unless you’re not an avid hiking person, who is continuously surfing on the Internet checking the weather, looking for the latest tools and equipment to use, start using Google today to learn about the climate prevailing in your town/city. Be prepared for a warm summer rain in July or a snowstorm in January.

4. Know the City You Live in

It’s not harmful either if you – at least try to – memorize the map of your city as much as possible. After a certain amount of kilometers, you’ll surely find all the shortcuts by which you can reach your destination faster, and can make the client very happy.

To maximize your safety and performance, you should also be well informed about the circumstances cyclists have to exist in your town/city. Working conditions differ from country to country and from town/city to town/city.

Whereas Copenhagen, Stockholm or Amsterdam are heaven for cyclists, London is not the best place to be biking. In many cities, the infrastructure still serves the drivers more than either the pedestrians or the cyclists – or even those who sometimes spend hours in a traffic jam sitting on a bus heading to a transport hub.

5. Be Part of the Community

However, experienced Foodora riders can help you navigate on the road. They can offer you advice where you should go and what you should pay attention. Sooner or later they will be your family, too! They can also be your safety net when stress is around the corner and is prepared to hunt you down.

You can share your experiences, anxiety and many more with your colleagues. The feeling of being a member of a community makes you more relaxed when it comes to working. When calmness spread through your body, you’re more open to letting the adrenaline run free through your veins.

Hop on the bike, and let’s ride! Sign up here to work as a Foodora rider in Stockholm!

Curious to learn more? Check out our video interview with one of the Foodora riders in Stockholm!