Finding a job in a new city or a new country is a challenge – especially if you don’t speak the local language. But no worries! Even if you’re not fluent in Dutch or have just moved to Amsterdam and are looking for opportunities to boost your wallet – you can find the right fit for you at Appjobs.

That’s one of the great things about Appjobs: you don’t need to apply with a CV and many of the companies do not require any professional experience or fluency in the local language. BUT the requirements do vary between the companies so please do check that before you sign up!

how to find a job in Amsterdam without speaking dutch
How to find a job in Amsterdam?

Whether you are settling down and starting to learn the local language, you’re a traveler or an exchange student just passing by – you can find part-time job opportunities for you in Amsterdam. It’s always an advantage if you know a little bit of Dutch but it’s not mandatory. And if you’re trying to learn – getting a job and having contact with locals is a great way to practice!

Check out the 6 companies below that don’t require you to speak Dutch to start working AND making money!

1. Djeepo

Djeepo is a platform for sharing storage space by connecting people with unused storage opportunities in Amsterdam with those in need of this extra space. This allows you to earn an extra income from your extra space in a hassle-free way while helping out some fellow Amsterdammers who will be extremely thankful!

Djeepo gives you as the storage space landlord all the freedom when it comes to your listings. You can choose when and at what rate you wish to advertise your storage space and you can always adjust your listing. on top of that, Djeepo takes care of the payments, so you can focus on renting out your space and don’t need to worry about receiving your money.

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how to find a job in Amsterdam without speaking Dutch

2. Pawshake

Pawshake puts you in contact with pet owners in Amsterdam. This way, you know where to go and how many pooches to pet to get paid! If you’re an animal lover this is basically your dream job! Working with Pawshake also comes with great flexibility.

Ger to know more how to start a pet care job!

You can make money in different ways and you can choose to do home dog boarding, dog daycare, dog walking, home visits or house sitting. Pawshake gives you some ideas of the average rates but you can set your own. You also indicate your availability depending on your schedule. Perfect if you’re a student or have another part-time job!

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3. Renthia

There are two ways of making money with Renthia – you can make money by renting out your property or work as a local agent. If you’ve always wanted to see what it’s like to work in real estate, this is the perfect opportunity!

As a local agent with Renthia, you will be responsible for meeting the landlord and gathering all the information about the property, scheduling the viewings and showing the homes and apartments, performing an inspection after the tenants have moved out, and – most importantly – delivering the keys. You can easily work with Renthia while studying or working with other part-time jobs! AND you DON’T need any previous experience in real estate! The only requirement is that you work at least 10 hours a month. Remember that more working hours = more extra money!

Find out more about being a local agent with Renthia here!

4. Deliveroo

If you want to start earning properly in Amsterdam but you don’t speak Dutch, courier jobs can be a lifesaver. As a courier with Deliveroo, you will be picking up food from local restaurants and delivering them to nearby apartments and offices by bike. Another good thing about this job is that it requires little communication with others – knowing basic phrases in Dutch should be enough to work!

With Amsterdam being called one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world, undertaking a job like a courier for Deliveroo seems like a perfect match. With Deliveroo, it won’t be long until you’ll know Amsterdam like the back of your hand!

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how to find a job in Amsterdam without speaking dutch

5. Helpling

Cleaning jobs are a great choice if you’re looking for a dependable job with a solid income. Helpling is one of the most popular websites for finding cleaning gigs. With over 400,000 households in Amsterdam, you won’t have to worry about finding enough tasks for yourself. With considering it’s Amsterdam we’re talking about, you could even be asked to clean houseboats!

Working with Helpling gives you a lot of flexibility: you choose if you want to accept a cleaning gig or not, staying in charge of your schedule. Helpling will suggest to you cleaning jobs within your area, so you shouldn’t have to travel far.

Learn more about working with Helping here

how to find a job in Amsterdam without speaking dutch

6. EatWith

Did you know you can use your cooking skills to start making money in Amsterdam? Don’t worry about going through a recruitment process with bars and restaurants – you can start earning money with your love for food flexibly, and without having to leave your house (well, maybe only to do some grocery shopping).

EatWith is a platform where locals and tourists from all over the world, including Amsterdam, can connect with home chefs offering to cook a home meal. With EatWith, you can earn money by inviting people over to your house for home-made meals. It doesn’t matter that you’re not Dutch – with EatWith you can offer the taste of your national cuisine to people of Amsterdam!

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Psst – did you know that EatWith is only one of the home chefs jobs
available in Amsterdam? Check out what opportunities are available on AppJobs for more flexible, part-time job opportunities!

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