While doing some spring cleaning at home, you probably discovered plenty of items that you completely forgot you own. It may be party supplies that you got for that one Halloween 3 years ago, a box of tools you use once in a while to do small repairs around the house or unused electronic equipment.

With Rentcharlie, you could make money with all those things! You’re probably thinking how is that possible? Well, Rentcharlie connects people with tools and various items they’re not using on a daily basis with those who need to rent it for a short period – and pay for it.

Aside from simple stuff like folding chairs that you can rent for a big party, there are lots of weird and funny items for rent on Rentcharlie. Check out the coolest ones we found!

1. Mechanical Bull for rent in Hamilton, Ontario

Funniest things found on Rentcharlie

Have you always dreamt of being the king of the rodeo? With Rentcharlie, you can become a real cowboy with this mechanical bull for rent. The ad promises you a real rollercoaster of entertainment – we’re sure it will turn any western-themed party into a fun one.

2. Pizza warmer for rent in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Don’t you hate it when you order too much pizza, and it gets cold rapid? Your #firstworldproblem can be easily solved with this pizza warmer you can rent on Rentcharlie! It will allow you to keep your pizza supplies hot and delicious for longer. If this is not a dream come true, then we don’t know what is!!

Funniest things found on Rentcharlie

3. Rolex watch for rent in Birmingham, Alabama

Have you always wanted to own a fancy Rolex watch but couldn’t afford it? Thanks to Rentcharlie, you can now boost your self-esteem for a small daily fee! Whether you want to impress someone on the first date or you want your friends to be jealous of your shiny new watch – this renter Rolex will do the job for sure!

4. Walkie Talkie for rent in Chicago, Illinois

Do you want to feel like you’re back in the 90s for a day? You can travel back in time with these walkie talkies that are available for rent on Rentcharlie! Grab a group of friends and pretend like you’re still kids, playing around with the little portable radios.

Funniest things found on Rentcharlie

5. Human Foosball for rent in Hamilton, Ontario

Funniest things found on Rentcharlie

Do you enjoy playing foosball with a group of friends? Why not change it up a bit and try human foosball – lots of falling and laughter is guaranteed! Don’t worry if you think you might be too old for this sort of games – the renter promises that it’s great fun for both kids and adults.

6. Cotton candy machine for rent in Winnipeg, Manitoba

As the ad on Rentcharlie promises, cotton candy is the number one food – guaranteed to make you smile. Talk about great marketing!

Funniest things found on Rentcharlie

7. Laundry trailer for rent in Hollywood, Florida

Funniest things found on Rentcharlie

If you ever find yourself in need of a laundry trailer – look no further than Rentcharlie! Whether your nearest laundromat is out of order or… we’re not sure why you would ever need a laundry trailer.

If you wanted to give Rentcharlie a try, but you couldn’t figure out what kind of items you can offer for rent – now you see it can be ** anything literally.** Well, as long as you find someone who needs it and is willing to pay for it. But why not give it a try?

When you register, you get the opportunity to list an unlimited number of items. When listing each item, you have to choose a category, set a price, upload some pics and make catchy descriptions. Find out more and sign up for Rentcharlie here!