Find Out if You Live In a Gig Friendly City

It is interesting to follow how the gig economy grows and how the new way of working is spreading all over the world. Platforms that one can sign up with and work via a smartphone are being established worldwide, but what are the best cities for gig-workers? 

We have gathered data from AppJobs community where members from 136 cities around the world had the chance to evaluate 3 main aspects of their jobs: earnings, easiness to start and availability. Below, we present you the relevant data, drawn from the subjective ratings of the AppJobs members.

Date range: 01/08/2019 – 30/10/2019

The Lucky Ones

The six best cities appear to be Sydney, Houston and Los Angeles in the USA, Amsterdam and Stockholm in Europe and Toronto in Canada. These cities’ ranking varies among different factors but they hold the 6 first places worldwide.

Australia’s Sydney seems to rank the best among AppJobbers in all aspects: a gig worker can easily start, find the most clients and earn the best income with a gig job in Sydney.

Houston, Texas ranks second in earnings and in how easy it is to start working with an app but last among these 6 cities in the amount of available gigs one can find.

AppJobbers find it easy to start with an online platform in Los Angeles but the city ranks fourth in the amount of money one can make and fifth in regards of available clients.  In Europe, Amsterdam comes third in earnings and gig availability but ranks fourth, following L.A., when it comes to how easy it is to start with an app.

Another European city, Stockholm, comes fifth in the rankings when it comes to money earned, fourth in gig availability and sixth in how easy it is to start, while Canada’s Toronto, holds the sixth place in earnings, fifth in how easy it is to start but, surprisingly, has a much better rating when it comes to gig availability, holding the second position. is much more than a website where gig workers can look for their next job opportunity – it is foremost a place where gig workers, as well as decision-makers, researchers and journalists, can turn to to discuss and find useful information about the gig economy. 

The well over 500,000 AppJobs members are the best insiders’ source one can find. All the data and insights from them are gathered and compiled into informative reports, shared with anyone who is interested to better understand how the gig economy works.