Custom Reports

We offer real-time behavioural data on movements within the gig-economy to help you with navigating the Future of Work. 

Get competitive insights into interactions with over 1000 gig platforms: derived from high-resolution, high-frequency data in over 600 cities across six continents.

Analyze, assess and understand – data refined for Your needs. From CVS to dashboards and reports, FoW Predict has all the resources you need.

Services we provide

We make tailored reports on the latest insights about over 1000 connected platforms providing services as delivery, ride sharing and babysitting.
Read more about our reports here.

The Gig Platform Index is created to make it easier to navigate within the gig economy by comparing performance between different platforms and sectors.
Read more about our GPI here.

The Gig Platform Quadrant visualises a platform’s position on the market and its performance in comparison with other platforms.
Read more about the Quadrant here.

Interested in getting a custom report for your company or business?
Contact our Head of Business, Iwona Polog via [email protected]