Gig Platform Index

About the Gig Platform Index 

In order to help navigating in the gig economy, the Future of Work Institute has created the Gig Platform Index (GPI). The GPI is based on millions of behavioural data points collected from over 1.7 million Appjobs members and their interactions with 1,000 gig-platforms.

The Index compares different gig-platforms and sectors to help in reviewing performance. Performance is determined by several data points and variables: the maximum PI score is 6 and the minimum is 1.

Adjustable variables 

  • Time 
  • Number of platforms in the comparison

Since the GPI is built on comparing different gig platforms to one other, the GPI will vary depending on which platforms are in the analysis. In addition, a platform can perform differently over varying timelines which would effect the GPI. This is why the FoW Predict has added the option to change these variables to see how a platform has performed during a specific timeline or within a specific sector. 

How we calculate the Gig Platform Index 

  • Choose timeline and group of platforms to analyse
  • The mean value, the standard deviation and the score from a specific platform is calculated to build the index.
  • These variables summarised gives a score on how the platform is evaluated in comparison to other platforms.
  • By comparing the results with a pre-selected normalization table we get the index for the data point.   

Normalization table

%0- 10<10- 25<25- 50<50- 75 <75- 90<90- 100