Gig Platform Quadrant

Which gig platforms are most prominent in the major markets?

The Gig Platform Quadrant uses data from, giving you a wide angled view of the relative positions of market competitors.

By applying a graphical treatment to the raw data, comparing and understanding a platform’s market position is easy to visualize. This also makes it easier to see how a platform is performing in the market.  

GP Quadrants help you:

– Get quickly educated about a market’s competing Gig Platforms and their ability to deliver on what end users require today and in the future.

– Understand how a market’s Gig Providers are competitively positioned and how they perform in relation to each other. 

– Compare a Gig Platform’s strengths and challenges with your specific needs in mind.Compare a Gig Platform’s strengths and challenges with your specific needs in mind.

How does a GP Quadrant work?

A GP Quadrant provides a graphical depiction of competitive positioning based on Four Factors (in markets where growth is high and provider differentiation is distinct):

Leaders tend to perform well in the growth and operational efficiency variables- these companies are well positioned for the challenges of tomorrow. 

– Low Performers include rookies that are still in the starting blocks or companies that are currently not outperforming others or are lacking in new innovations.

– Challengers are those who are executing well today or companies who dominate a sector, but have not demonstrated that they are strong across all variables.

Features of the Interactive GP Quadrant

The features enables you to:

– Tailor the GP Quadrant to reflect your own business goals, needs and priorities.

– Adjust the weightings applied to each of the evaluation variables and data points to generate a new, client-specific GP Quadrant graphic.

– Get a customized view of the market based on the criteria that are most important to you.

– Change other factors such as the time and which platforms you want to compare. This allows for a fuller picture of how platforms are performing over a specific time period and in specific markets.

How is the GP Quadrant Calculated?

The GP Quadrant is based on FoW Predict’s Gig Platform Index. By using the a Gig Platform’s index in the Growth variable and the operational efficiency variable, we can evaluate if the platform is a Leader, Challenger or Low Performer. 

Learn more about the Gig Platform Index here