Future of Work Institute

The Future of Work Institute was founded with the intention to make the future of work transparent and comprehensible for everyone. We share insights and collaborate with researchers to provide stakeholders within the labor market in general and the gig economy in particular with up to date data, for them to be able to make rational decisions built on facts.

Our Services


Sharing Data and Insights

Using our distinctive data (based on millions of data points generated through Appjobs.com), we extract and share important insights into where the Future of Work is headed.


Custom Reports

We offer real time behavioural data on movements within the gig economy to help in making decisions for the Future of Work. From CVS to dashboards and reports, the FoW Predict can tailor data presentations for you.


Custom surveys

With our unique data and insights, we can customise and create reports and surveys to suit your needs.

Our Latest Articles

Social Dialogue and Governance of Platform Economy

We looked into the report ‘Social Dialogue and the Governance of the Digital Platform Economy’ written by the ILO. We have taken out some key insights to show how different types of platforms are organised and what has been done from the unions side to find ways for collective bargaining within the gig economy.

Taxation for gig workers in Australia

The gig economy in Australia has continued to grow over the last decade. Between 2014-2015, 4.1 million individuals (32%) were reported to have worked as freelancers in Australia. The same study also found that 79% of those traditionally employed in Australia were interested in working more flexible jobs [1]. Regulation within the nation has also […]

How Much Is a Gig Worth?

Since being founded in 2017, Appjobs has seen incredible growth in its members around the world – particularly in the United States. And despite facing a once-in-a-century pandemic, our American members collectively made around half a million dollars between June and November 2020 based on calculations on a sample group. We wanted to dig a […]

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