Future of Work Report 2021

About the Future of Work Report 2021

We wanted to approach this year’s Future of Work Report differently. We explore not only how our concept of work is evolving,  but how that is affecting the relationship between people,  technology, and urban environments.

This report examines the trends within digitization and the growth of gig-platform economies. It explores how the interplay between the analog and digital worlds is changing the spaces we inhabit and how we move about them. Using modern cities as our backdrop,  this report follows three core concepts: living, learning, and earning within the digital work ecosystem.

Part one focuses on earning. Here, we drill down into the evolving ecosystem of work to determine the future.
Part two combines learning and earning. We explore the city as a platform and how the inner workings of the gig economy function. In part three, we put it all together with living, learning, and earning. We go beyond just the mechanics of the gig economy and delve into how the gig economy affects people and enables growth.

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