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Share your knowledge with the world with online teaching jobs

Interest in distance learning is on the rise and all over the world. People go on the Internet for everything, and their education also follows this trend. It is also a consequence of the movement of people and globalization: it is easier nowadays for people to move all over the world, so distance learning, although it requires more in personal motivation, seems to be a very convenient solution in many cases. In addition, people need to be updated about new trends and technologies and need to constantly acquire new knowledge and competences to be able to compete   both locally and internationally.

So, if you are a professional teacher or a person with a passion for a particular subject, do online teaching jobs. A good idea with a good reward.

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Your options for online teaching jobs

Being an online tutor can be a little scary at first, especially if you’re not a teacher in the online world. How do you How do you find students and how do you organize everything? Fortunately, there are many teaching platforms for

online teachers that already know how to sort out all these details for you, so that if you decide to become an online tutor, the road to success will be a smooth one.

What can you teach online?

Practically everything! There are platforms that give you the opportunity to teach what you are passionate about and what you have a good knowledge of.

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Online teaching jobs exclusively for languages

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A big category of online learning is language tutors. There are people who want to regain their skills with a language and go online to find and practice with native speakers of that language. For others who plan to move to a particular country, it is a very easy option to be able to prepare the language in their own free time with professional online tutors. Many others learn languages as a hobby and prefer the option of taking online courses from the comfort of their own home.

AppJobs is the perfect place to find the right platform for you to join as an online language teacher. You can quickly find out how each platform works, what tools they offer to prepare your lessons, what fees they keep for services (if any) and other useful information.

But the most important thing is that you pay attention to the requirements for online teaching jobs! The good thing is that not all platforms require you to be a certified teacher or have previous teaching experience – on some platforms it’s enough if you are a native speaker!

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With Lingoda and Tutoroo, for example, no qualifications or certificates are required as long as you are a native speaker of the language you teach. Verbling requires you to be a native speaker and to have previous experience teaching your language, but a certificate, although preferable, is not necessary. italki, on the other hand, requires you to be a native speaker or an advanced certificate level (C2), according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and Tandem requires you to be a certified language tutor.

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Online teaching jobs for anything you can think of

If languages aren’t your thing, you can always go to other platforms to offer a great selection of topics, besides languages, such as coding, music, painting, mathematics, statistics, economics, marketing, photography, design, business, makeup, acting, calligraphy, shoe making, cooking, personal development or even spiritual awakening. The list goes on and on! And you can find students from all over the world interested in what you want to teach.

As with language teacher jobs, AppJobs can be your guide to choosing the right platform for your skills. Be sure to read all the details about the different apps and pay special attention to the requirements that may vary from app to app.

Savvy, Preply and Udemy, for example, require you to have a great deal of knowledge and experience in the subject you want to offer classes on – you don’t need to be a certified teacher. Don’t forget that all online teaching job platforms offer students the opportunity to review your classes and it’s to your own benefit to have good reviews and ratings. Positive reviews will come if the level of your courses is high enough, the content is clear and your attitude is friendly! And to achieve this, you really need to know what you’re talking about!

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