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How to become a Shipt shopper

How to become a Shipt Shopper: All you need to know when working with Shipt


Ever since the pandemic hit, most companies in the US shifted the majority of their services online in order to minimize the spread of the virus. Shipt is an on demand grocery delivery service that pays shoppers to round up and deliver groceries for users.

Along with other online services, online grocery shopping in the United States is estimated to be worth $60 billion by the year 2023: with Shipt being one of the fastest growing. 

What is Shipt?

Shipt is America’s top delivery service and is owned by Target Corporation. It’s headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama and was founded by Bill Smith. Officially launched in May 2015, within a year it was active in 27 cities within 9 different US states. 


They initially started out in regions that didn’t have any active delivery services, however they began expanding further afield in no time. Shipt raised $65 million of capital before Target acquired them at the end of 2017 for  $550 million. Target now uses Shipt to offer same day delivery to customers from about half of its stores. 

 How does Shipt work?

Shipt works well for all sorts of people, including as civilian jobs for veterans. However, there are still some requirements you must fulfill in order to work with Shipt. 

In order to become a Shipt shopper you must:

·       Be at least 18 years or older

·       Own a reliable vehicle registered 1997 or newer.

·       Have an insulated cooler bag

·       Have a valid US driving license and auto insurance.

·       Be able to be fit enough to lift at least 40 pounds if not more.

·       Own an iPhone or Android or any smartphone. 

If you can tick these boxes, then click here for quick sign up! 

What is a Shipt Shopper?


A Shipt shopper is just an ordinary person who enjoys helping others and has a knack for smart shopping. Veterans looking for jobs would be ideal candidates and they can earn good money working with Shipt. 

As a Shipt shopper you open up the Shipt application from your smartphone and select the area you want to work in. You get to choose which jobs you want to complete and when you have selected a job, you simply go shopping for the order. You will be sent a Shipt t-shirt when you start working so you can easily be identified and access assistance more easily as well as a company debit card to purchase the orders on. 

When you get shopping, all you need is in the app: from the items you need to collect to the exact location of the item within the store. If you find a product is out of stock, you can message the customer directly through the app to see if they want a different brand or version of the item. Once you are done paying for the order using the Shipt debit card, you deliver the order to the customer’s house. After doing so, you mark the order as delivered and can then immediately get back at it again.

 How much does Shipt Pay?

Basic questions that arise here is whether Shipt is worth it? Is it as good for Shipt Shoppers as it sounds? Well it depends. It largely depends on how passionate a Shipt shopper in earning extra bucks. It also depends on his smart shopping skills.

Your earnings with Shipt are commission based: the commissions start at $5 and you’ll receive around a 7.5% commission on the order value. For example, if there’s an order of $150 a Shipt Shopper will earn around $16.25 in commission for that shop.

However, a large proportion of Shipt shoppers earnings come from tips: most customers offer tips to shoppers who help them out. The average a Shipt shopper takes home in tips is around $15 per shop.

As previously mentioned, all you need is to get started and start taking up jobs to make good money with Shipt. As you become experienced, you can also take multiple orders at a time and make almost double the money in one shopping trip. Once you are underway with Shipt, you can make up to $22 per hour with tips. 

Tips to Maximize your earnings in Shipt

One question that you might be asking is whether Shipt is worth it? Is it worth me becoming a Shipt shopper? In short, it depends. Some of the determining factors include what you plan to get out of working with Shipt as well as your capabilities while working. As you become experienced you can also take multiple orders at a time and make almost double the money in one shopping trip. With a little practice, you can make up to $22 per hour including tips. 

However, here are a few extra tips to help you maximize your earnings:

·   Offer the best customer service

The trick is to build a strong relationship with customers with the best possible service that you can provide. Over 70% of Shipt customers will give tips to shoppers if they are happy and satisfied. 

So, how can you provide the best customer service? 

Make their experience with you more personal by sending your customer a text. Introduce yourself as their shopper and ask if there’s anything else not on the list they may need. Customers who forgot to add an item will appreciate the chance to update their list.

If you can’t find a particular item, the order should include a substitution. It doesn’t hurt to check if it’s okay with your customer: they will appreciate the gesture. 

Also, you should always greet your customer when you arrive with their order. Make sure you mark the order “delivered” as soon as you hand the groceries to the customer to keep the transactions swift and timely.

About 20-30 minutes after you deliver the grocery items, send your customer a text saying something like “thank you for using Shipt” and wish them a nice day. This gives the customer time to put away and check the accuracy of their groceries. Your customers will love these small gestures and are more likely to leave you a better tip.

·    Look out for unclaimed Shipt offers (bounties)

Sometimes there are orders that are not claimed for whatever reason. When this happens, Shipt puts a Bounty on them to make it distinguishable from the rest of the orders. It’s a great way to boost your weekly Shipt pay. Check your Shipt app regularly for any orders close to their delivery deadline and earn some extra cash with bounty offers

·  Accept all orders, no matter big or small

You should not be afraid of large time-consuming orders. Pick as many big orders as you can but also don’t neglect small ones, both have the perks and will help boost your earnings. 

·   Work Another Side Hustle

Shipt offers a flexible schedule: this means you can work multiple gig jobs whether they be food delivery or cab driving. Taking up extra gigs will help top up your income. 

·  Track Your Mileage

Document and keep track of your mileage. Even though Shipt doesn’t cover mileage in your pay, as an independent contractor you can include your mileage for a tax deduction.


How to Become a Shipt Shopper: Step by Step Guide

You need to complete these steps in order to get underway with Shipt

Step 1: Select your availability:

As a shipt shopper you must select the days, time periods and areas you are available to work in. You can add all of this information into the app. 

Step 2: Receive an order via App:

You will find all orders in the app, all you have to do is look through them and pick the ones that suit you.

Step 3: Shop for the Requested Groceries

You’ll use the app to see what your customer requested, then all you need to do is go through the aisles and pick out the items. Make sure you are careful when choosing items and ensure everything is good quality!

Step 4: Respond to Live Texts from the Customer

During the order, the customer has the ability to message you for updates or make adjustments and you can message your customer if there is something on their list that is unavailable. They may ask for an alternative or simply remove the item from their order.

Step 5: Pay for the Order Using the Prepaid Card

You will receive a prepaid card to make the grocery purchases after you sign up and are approved.

Step 6: Deliver the Groceries

In this step, you will drive the groceries to the customer. The Shipt app will take you to the customer. 

Step 7: Get Paid!

This step is the one that really matters – getting paid! Shipt will deposit your earnings into your account at the end of the week!

Shipt Requirements

In order to work with Shipt, you need to ensure that you can fulfil these requirements.

•        Be at least 18 years or older

•        Own a reliable vehicle registered 1997 or newer.

•        Have an insulated cooler bag

•        Have a valid US driving license and car insurance.

•        Be able to be fit enough to lift at least 40 pound, ideally more.

•        Own an iPhone or Android or any smartphone.

 Shipt Interview Questions

Shipt looks for keeps an eye out for those who are professional and friendly while interviewing prospective Shipt Shoppers. Candidates who are professional and passionate about excellent customer service are exactly what Shipt is looking for. Here are some example interview questions that may come up to help you feel more prepared. 

1.       If a customer complains about damage to an item, how do you help them?

2.       If a customer is struggling to find a product in our store, how would you help?

3.       What steps will you take if you find an ordered item is out of stock?

4.       Can you explain how you will cope with an irregular work schedule?

5.       Which physical demands do you think you will face in the work environment?

Shipt Reviews

Different shoppers enjoy being able to review and share with others their experiences. Here are is a review from Shipt Shoppers.

“I love how easy it is to get started, the support, and bonuses. Some weeks are better then others. Demand is very high right now. Some clients are great tippers, some you’ll get nothing. They train you to look for the best products. They take suggestions for improvement seriously. They show you the store and client location so you can see if the shop will be closed. Track your miles and bring them at tax time. They now show a list before you go which was a suggestion I have because one shop had almost too much and barely fit my car. Previews help avoid that. Perks! I’m wearing 3 shirts and a free cooler bag. It’s nice you get to know stores and workers. Target is my fav because they tell you the aisle and section, so I run literally.” 

It is also important to understand what the users of Shipt think, so here is a review from a user.

“Shipt is a time saver!

Most of the shoppers are friendly and very helpful in providing substitutions. There have been some that were not as interactive as others, but still always polite. The mobile app and online app are easy to use. I appreciate the live interaction and being provided real time options.”

Check out more reviews from Shipt Shoppers.


Is Shipt a good company to work for?

Shipt is a good company to work for as long as you are looking for a flexible job with a potentially irregular schedule.

Is Shipt worth it?

While you will not earn the same amount as if you work a full time job with regular hours, you can earn a decent amount of cash when you get used to the way of working and can work multiple orders at the same time. 

Does Shipt pay for your mileage?

Shipt does not currently offer its shoppers a mileage reimbursement. However, the IRS allows you to track your business miles and file a mileage deductions claim with your taxes at the end of the year.

Can I do Shipt with my baby?

 Only the approved Shipt Shopper who has claimed the order is permitted to shop for and deliver to the member, so unfortunately you cannot bring anyone along whilst working.

How do Shipt workers get paid?

Shipt shoppers are independent contractors and are paid per order. Orders will be offered with an estimated pay based on what is required to complete the order. Payment is received via direct deposit every Friday for the work completed the previous Monday through Sunday.

Can you get fired from Shipt?

Shipt only fires workers in extreme circumstances.  For example if a worker has received multiple complaints it might result in the firing of that particular Shipt Shopper. However, firing only takes case in rare and extreme circumstances.

Can you work for Shipt without a car?

You need to be insured on a reliable vehicle (as mentioned previously) in order to work with Shipt.

Do I have to wear my Shipt shirt?

It is not mandatory to wear a Shipt T shirt. If you are comfortable otherwise then there is no such rule to keep wearing the Shipt shirt.

How long does it take to be accepted as a Shipt shopper?

The usual waiting time is around three working days, however this can vary depending on factors such as if it is a busy season.

Who pays more Shipt or Instacart?

You’ll usually get more per order with Shipt but more per hour with Instacart. It depends on how many orders you make in a given timeframe to understand what is best for you, but you could make full-time work for yourself with both companies.

Do Shipt shoppers get to use Shipt for free?

It is free for Shipt shoppers to sign up!

How many Shipt orders can you do in a day?

It totally depends. If you have stamina, you can easily manage taking multiple orders in a day if there are no delays in the orders. However, when starting out it is recommended that you start with only a small number of orders a day. 

A job as a Shipt Shopper clearly provides a variety of benefits. Be your own boss, work on your own schedule, have fun and get paid while doing it! Just make sure you check that you meet the requirements and the service availability in your area, then you’re on your way. Sign up here to start your Shipt journey.

Anya Prevallet-Kinstle is a Project Manager at Appjobs. She is a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute and specializes in research and content strategizing.