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З початку війни понад 2 млн громадян України вже покинули рідні домівки в пошуках безпечного притулку, і ця кількість тільки зростає. Сусідні та більш віддалені європейські країни власними конкретними цільовими діями та програмами спростовують думку про те, що постраждалі від

On February 24, 2022, the world was shocked at the news that Russia had invaded Ukraine. Statements have been released by governments and companies around the world condemning Russia’s actions and calling for all military action to be immediately ceased.

Interest in distance learning is on the rise and all over the world. People go on the Internet for everything, and their education also follows this trend. It is also a consequence of the movement of people and globalization: it

Working as a childminder involves a lot of responsibility and, although children are often adorable and playful, caring for them properly can be a challenging task! Although certificates are not required to work as a caregiver, meeting certain requirements gives you

With an increasing number of people looking for career options, part-time work continues to be a popular option for a lot of people. The growing number of sectors that often advertise part-time positions is one of the biggest reasons for

Finding a career that you’re happy and satisfied with means finding work that aligns with your interests, goals, skills, and your personality type. The Myers-Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI) questionnaire can be a useful tool for helping you understand your main