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Make money off your cooking & hospitality skills in Warsaw!

Eating out to experience a country’s cuisine usually is on tourists’ to-do list. But they could dive into the local scene by attending dinner parties organised by enthusiastic locals. Just like you. By signing up for a meal-sharing platform, you could be getting paid for your delicious food and atmospheric environment created in your cosy home in Warsaw.

Warsaw Home chef jobs

Experience with new/old meals and get paid for your efforts in Warsaw!

Home chefs are one of a kind. They’ll work from home and devote their time to their passion of cooking whenever. Certification and/or qualifications are not needed, only a great load of devotion. Prepare only one or a three-course meal in your lovely kitchen, your guests will get what they signed up for. Your profile will detail what food you offer, when and for how many people in Warsaw. Your account serves as a direction for others, so always keep it updated.

Whom should I prepare food in Warsaw?

Well, it depends on what kind of experience you’re planning to provide. Do you want to maximise the feeling of Polishness by making rosół, pierogi or polskie naleśniki or some other traditional Polish food? Generally speaking, you can cook, bake, marinate, fry, batter, braise, etc. everything you’d like. No rules!

Our advice: List your ingredients, as guests following certain diets might not be craving for the Polish pork taste.

How should I get into the mood of serving in Warsaw?

• Clean up the mess in your home!
• Prepare the spread!
• Tidy up in your kitchen!
• Arrange your dining room!
• Welcome your guests and server the meal!
• Engage in conversations!
• Say goodbye!
(• Receive great reviews!)

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Overall rating and reviews for Home Cooking - Warsaw
Home Cooking - Warsaw
Mohamed K.
Mohamed K.
Glovo - Warsaw
Financial calculations for the glovers is very poor and not fair enough
Glovo - Warsaw
Nie polecam, praca tylko dorywcza. Kontakt z Firmą zerowy, masz godziny za chwilę nie masz. Piszesz do firmy dostajesz odpowiedź na zasadzie "kopiuj wklej"
Glovo - Warsaw
Good app, and flexible timing

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