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Travel from home to home and earn money by providing cleaning services in Warsaw!

As a cleaner in Warsaw, you’ll never get bored with the city. One day you perform your tasks in Włochy, the next in Żoliborz and you crown the end of the week in Warsaw Old Town. Whatever routine you follow, you’ll be always in charge of scheduling your weekly / daily appointments and setting your hourly rates in the Polish capital.

Warsaw Cleaning jobs

The more you clean, the more you earn in Warsaw!

It’s simple math. The more clients you manage to attract with your profile, the more monthly income could land in your bank account. Be a student, a recent graduate or someone looking for a side job, housekeeping jobs are there for you to browse in Warsaw. Previous experience is great to have but not a requirement. Of course, before signing up for a platform connecting homeowners with cleaners, read about what the conditions are.

What to pay attention when building your profile!

• Don’t forget to detail your qualifications & experiences!
• Name all the neighbourhoods in Warsaw you’d like to work in!
• Set your hourly rates according to your qualifications & experiences!
• List a few references!
• Our general piece of advice: Be frank & honest and have a long conversation with your clients before your first appointment with them!

What kind of extra services should I be prepared for in Warsaw?

Oh, we would love to tell you something specific, but it’s nearly impossible. Your tasks will probably differ from client to client. Someday you do deep cleaning, someday you do basic cleaning including taking care of the rugs, etc. You can easily control what kind of tasks you’ll be doing by listing your services on your profile. Acquiring knowledge of the equipment and tools to take should be also your priority. Some clients might provide you with all the common cleaning agents, some might not.

If you want to know more, first learn about the basics - how to get a cleaning job. Then, if you still plan to start cleaning career, read about how much do cleaners and housekeepers make?

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Overall rating and reviews for Cleaning - Warsaw
Cleaning - Warsaw
Mohamed K.
Mohamed K.
Glovo - Warsaw
Financial calculations for the glovers is very poor and not fair enough
Glovo - Warsaw
Nie polecam, praca tylko dorywcza. Kontakt z Firmą zerowy, masz godziny za chwilę nie masz. Piszesz do firmy dostajesz odpowiedź na zasadzie "kopiuj wklej"
Glovo - Warsaw
Good app, and flexible timing

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