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The City

The capital of Poland has a quite distinctive city landscape as modern and traditional sites compete for space. The six million people from its metropolitan area dash across the city every day to run errands. If you only arrived in the city, you might have probably experienced the vibe of Warsaw. Since urban areas are getting denser and the prices higher, earning extra money seems a good idea for many – not only for students but also for others.

Warsaw and The Gig Economy

Poland is close to our heart as one part of our team does their daily tasks from there. And the sharing economy offers a wide range of opportunities for all kinds of people, Poles and foreigners involved. Learning the language takes time, so it’s better to start with some jobs where Polish is not a requirement.

  1. If you’re a Warsaw native or just happened to own a flat/house, you could easily list them online and host some travellers from all over the world. Rental sites are thriving in Warsaw, and your home is probably more comfortable than a hostel. Think about it and get started on pages like Airbnb, FlipKey, misterb&b, etc.

  2. For arty-crafty people, just like you maybe, we recommend sites where you can sell your objects. As of November 2018, only Etsy and Vinted have started to operate in the city, but these must be enough for starting out, right?

  3. Delivery and driving jobs could be on your list when searching for a flexible job in the gig economy. Warsaw is a large city, and many office workers use food delivery services. So know the best restaurants and the meeting points in the city, and you’re ready to go.

  4. Handymen and cleaners can also expect some action in the sharing economy. A few platforms display handyman and cleaning jobs to be done in the centre or some other neighbourhoods in Warsaw.

  5. Excellent cooks and (amateur) tour guides can make it as home chefs or local guides in Warsaw. You must talk, at least a bit, in both cases, so being a great communicator will help you boost your income with more and more dinner parties and tours in the Old Town or other areas in the city.

  6. Let’s say you’re a freelancer or a teacher and think about going wild. Well, just a bit, just to experience what it’s like to take full control of your schedule, and meet all kinds of people worldwide more easily – without so much stress and hassle. Freelance and online teaching jobs will wait for you in Warsaw and you can be sure that all of them are inclusive enough.

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Part-time and weekend jobs in Warsaw
Mohamed K.
Mohamed K.
Glovo - Warsaw
Financial calculations for the glovers is very poor and not fair enough
Glovo - Warsaw
Nie polecam, praca tylko dorywcza. Kontakt z Firmą zerowy, masz godziny za chwilę nie masz. Piszesz do firmy dostajesz odpowiedź na zasadzie "kopiuj wklej"
Glovo - Warsaw
Good app, and flexible timing

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