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How to rent your home in Singapore over the weekend and earn money

You probably want to earn passive income whenever you go on a holiday. Maybe you simply wish you could rent out that spare room and make some extra cash in Singapore..

Well, you can do it!

You don’t need to own a luxurious vacation home in Singapore to make money on Airbnb or HomeAway! This is such a misconception! Simply rent out a spare room or that sofa bed that no one uses! Travellers will be more than happy to crash on it for a decent price.

And hear us out:

What’s also great is that becoming a homeowner really requires minimum effort. Very little interaction between the guests and the host is needed most of the time! That is, if you don’t feel like socialising! If you do, by all means, you can make lifelong friends you can keep in touch with!

You can choose whether to simply hand in the keys, or if you want to go the extra mile for your guests and show them around Singapore.

With Airbnb, HomeAway, Homestay, and other similar platforms, you will have no stress in regards to payments and contracts.

You simply handle the keys, and make sure the apartment or room is tidy and clean before your guests in Singapore arrive!

Read more about renting parking spots here: https://www.appjobs.com/public-vs-private-parking-in-uk

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Private Home / Space Rentals - Singapore
Ibtisam U.
Ibtisam U.
Bark- Wedding Photographer - Singapore
This is a very good opportunity for younger
Freelancer - Singapore
Too many driver knows day. Can't get job easily.

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