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Get a tour guide job in Singapore right now!

Do you enjoy showing Singapore to friends coming to visit? Why not switch to travellers and make money off it too?

Show travellers around Singapore with platforms such as Vayable and earn whenever you have time as a local tour guide. *And the best of it all is this: *

You don’t need official guide certifications, you only need to know Singapore well enough as a city and be passionate about art, history, urban tales, or anything that could impress your clients.**

You can easily design your personalized tour of Singapore too - this is the right way to take matters into your own hands!

All the perks you will enjoy as a tour guide in Singapore:

You’ll enjoy the freedom of:

• Designing your own personalized tour of Singapore
• Choosing the length, pace, and capacity of your tour
• Planning your own tours after your own schedule and other engagements
• Setting your own price for your tours

How do you get the job?

Check out Vayable, but also this page to see whenever new local guiding jobs arise! We’re adding new companies on a roll!

Don’t forget to review the companies and apps you worked with so we can recommend whatever suits you best for the next gig!

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Local Guiding - Singapore
Ibtisam U.
Ibtisam U.
Bark- Wedding Photographer - Singapore
This is a very good opportunity for younger
Freelancer - Singapore
Too many driver knows day. Can't get job easily.

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