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Rent out your place to travellers coming to Singapore


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Rent your home with HomeAway in Singapore

What is HomeAway?

Millions of tourists are travelling to Singapore every year, which means that all of them are in need of a place to stay. And what is better than experiencing the city than staying like a local?

if you are the owner of a place in Singapore, you can rent it out with HomeAway to earn some extra rental income!

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How much HomeAway pays in Singapore

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Rating of compensation

Your earnings will depend on you and how much you will charge for your guests’ stay. But usually hosts earn around S$60 per night by renting out their homes in Singapore.

HomeAway requirements in Singapore

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Make money with HomeAway in Singapore

HomeAway is one of the biggest accommodation rental platforms that connects home owners with travellers all over the world. And this means that HomeAway is also your opportunity to earn some extra money by renting out your place in Singapore. All you need to do is to register at the platform, list your apartment and wait for incoming booking requests!

It doesn’t even matter how big your apartment is or where it is located as HomeAway will help you to find guests for all kind of accommodations. Just make sure to give as much information about your rental as possible when listing it in the HomeAway profile, so that your guests will know what to expect and can prepare their stay with you in Singapore.

Be your own boss

When listing your place with HomeAway, you will be the one making all the decisions, which means that it will be you who sets the nightly rates, the available dates and who will welcome the guests. This hands you all the flexibility and freedom, which is why HomeAway is so great for everyone who wishes to earn money from time to time and wants to stay in control.

Make your guests’ stay unforgettable

Singapore is an amazing city with lots of things to discover, which is why you as a host could make your guests stay even better by sharing some local knowledge with them. This means that you could share some of your favourite spots outside of the major tourist areas as Orchard road or Marina bay with them. Simply be a great host and your guests will be very thankful, which will give you better reviews too!

It is also great to know HomeAway provides a rental guarantee and all necessary tools, including traveler and host reviews, secure messaging, and rental guarantee for the best experience!

So welcome your guests, make money and get started!

How do I apply for HomeAway in Singapore?

Sign up on HomeAway’s website. You will provide necessary information and photos to get instant access to millions of travellers! HomeAway will get in touch if they need more information about your property.

Skills/experience/other information

Keep in mind that you must own your property, or have to the right to sublet it to be listed on HomeAway.

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