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What is Freelancer?

It’s so difficult to find freelance work.

You have tried friends and websites, but you are still struggling.

You would probably agree that success as a freelancer is all about exposure.

What if you never ran out of tasks and gigs?

Indeed! There is an end to your worries thanks to this promising website.

Looking for the perfect job?

Answer a few quick questions about to get personalized job recommendations.

How much Freelancer pays in Singapore

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Rating of compensation

It all depends on the task of course! But average earnings are about $17 per task.

Want to know a bit more about freelancer salary - check our blog!

Freelancer requirements in Singapore

  • Freelancer asks you to prove you have the following:
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Does it take a long time to sign up?

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Working with Freelancer in Singapore is one of the best inventions of this century. This is not an exaggeration!

Just imagine making a living as a freelancer, without the trouble of finding clients. This is definitely doable thanks to Freelancer’s global platform! You will browse jobs that match your skills, apply and get hired to start working.

Tired of settling for low rates? Freelancer gives you the freedom to bid your own offers for jobs! In other words, you can work and earn as much as you want.

The best part of working on is that you will never run out of jobs! You can even discover and specialize in new fields! Tired of copywriting? Try academic ghostwriting!

Who said it was difficult to become a freelancer and work from the comfort of your own home?

How do I apply for Freelancer in Singapore?

Sign up on Freelancer’s website. You will browse the categories, select the tasks that you like and start bidding. You can start working on your first task, once your bid has been approved by the client.

Does Freelancer have enough tasks to complete?

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