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** 7 reasons to get a driving job in Singapore?**

Maybe you want to earn a living while driving, or maybe you’re looking to add up some cash for the necessities or luxuries of life.

We get you!

What you should know, is that there are plenty of perks when working with services such as Uber or Grab:

1.. Drive in Singapore with an immensely flexible schedule

Singapore drivers don’t work under pre-determined working hours, which means they drive when they want to. Writing your own schedule allows you a better balance between your work and personal life.

  1. Experience doesn’t dictate your pay

Have you ever had a lower paycheck than your colleagues only because you had less experience than them? This is not the case when working with driving apps in Singapore. Thank God! Pay is always fair. Everyone is paid the same hourly amount.

  1. You quickly get clients without wasting time or gas

If you have prior experience driving taxis, you’ll be happy hear this:

You won’t have to spend lots of time and gas searching for clients around the city. Instead, with apps like Uber or Grab you can always see your clients and their exact locations through your phone!

  1. No handling cash or cards!

Services like Uber know what a hassle it can be to handling money when in a hurry. That’s why partner-drivers in Singapore get paid through the company’s app on a weekly basis. You can also keep track of how much you have earned, and challenge yourself to up your earning stats!

  1. Safety for clients, safety for drivers

Safety is always a priority when driving in a big city like Los Angeles. That’s why both drivers and clients can have profiles and rating on these driving platforms.

  1. Regarding money

Money is, of course, the main reason those who drive in Singapore choose to start. Having an hourly pay is always relaxing. It’s comforting to know how much you’ll be earning as you plan your months around your work.

Most companies also offer higher wages during nighttime. So your earnings can differ greatly depending on what times you schedule to work. Having control over this is a huge plus for many.

  1. You’re the boss

When you drive, you’re in charge! This means you decide:

• When you work
• How you work
• Where you work
• Why you work

You can also earn by filling your empty car seats with passengers en route to your destination, be it work or an out of town excursion. If you’re heading out of Singapore for the week, why not cut down costs and accommodate passengers on the way?

Not sure about which offer is perfect for you? Read here quick comparison of driving for Lyft vs Uber - even if it doesn’t apply to your situation you can get some advice what things to focus on.

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