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The City

São Paulo, with its 20 million inhabitants, is one of the hubs in Brazil. We even dare to say that the city provides everyone with plenty of eye-popping attractions, like the Paulista Avenue with its vivid and culturally diverse atmosphere.

While it’s not the capital city of the South American state, one should have more money in their pocket here than in Brasília or even Rio. That doesn’t prevent tourists from coming into town and exploring the touristy spots in the city or in nature.

And the sharing economy welcomes you no matter what!

São Paulo and The Gig Economy

To get prepared for becoming your own boss, you should devote some time to answer these questions:

• How often and how much are you planning to work?
• Which sector does interest you the most? Why?
• How do you have to pay your taxes?
• Do you have an iPhone or Android phone?
• How great are your communication skills?
• How many kilometres are willing to travel in São Paulo?
• Are you willing to negotiate if necessary?
• What kind of vehicles do you have access to?

That’s just the basics, but you can easily select between job offers with an AppJobs account. And it’s free to sign up.

  1. If your home is your greatest asset, you can think of renting out to travellers in São Paulo. You charge your guests as much as you wish but think about taxation and regulations. Your parking spot could be listed online too.

  2. If you don’t have the rights to sublet your apartment, you can always sign up as a cleaner or handyperson. In that case, you are expected to contact with homeowners. You set up appointments, do some household chores or fix some errors, and get paid.

  3. If you’d like to use your energy to take care of kids or pets, you are welcome to join platforms designed to sitters. Long-term and short-term gigs are available in Centro, Jardins and so on. Stay and work in your neighbourhood if you can!

  4. If you love speed, know the city inside out or can use the GPS, you should join ride-hailing and peer-to-peer delivery platforms. You’ll pick up food and passengers somewhere near the Pátio do Colégio and drop them off a few kilometres away. Simple.

  5. Freelancing is the future, they say. Actually, looking at the growing number of platforms displaying freelance jobs that might be a quite accurate prediction. A few of them have already reached São Paulo and wait for you to join them. You can do online surveys, become an online tutor and many more.

  6. You can even sell stuff made in your São Paulo home/workshop online. We suggest that you find out about the shipping fees first. Generally speaking, online sellers take care of that. However, you can always include that in your prices.

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