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Personal driver jobs in San Francisco, CA - Wingz

What is Wingz?

Looking for a flexible job that will earn you good money in San Francisco? You should take up a driver job with Wingz. Why? Because it is not just another driver app. It is a PERSONAL DRIVER app!

This means you can build a regular clientele, with which you can have a steady business relationship with. You can actually be your clients’ favorite driver. This means more business and references for you! And who knows? Maybe someone to share your news, opinions or worries with, while driving around San Francisco!

What kind of rides can you take up as a personal driver?

You can offer driving services for people who are looking for a ride to and from the San Francisco airport (SFO). The more popular routes are from Palo Alto, Downtown SF and Fremont to SFO.

You could also bring people to and from events and concerts, business meetings, doctor’s appointments, weddings or simple night outs. You can even offer your services to senior citizens that are in need of a comfortable ride around the city.

Popular routes in San Francisco are to and from the airport.

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How much Wingz pays in San Francisco, CA

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Rating of compensation

You could make an average $50 per ride to or from the airport in San Francisco.

The amount per ride is flat, but depends on the distance between pick up and drop off location.
Your total earnings further depend on the hours you will be working as a driver. For example, some drivers choose to put many hours into this and make up to $2000/week.

Wingz requirements in San Francisco, CA

  • Wingz asks you to prove you have the following:
  • Wingz hasn’t provided any information

Does it take a long time to sign up?

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Working with Wingz in San Francisco, CA

The biggest differentiating factor is that, with Wingz, it is highly encouraged to create your own client base! You can be the favorite driver for your clients and have a steady flow of people that will choose you, instead of randomly booking a driver, whenever they need a ride around San Francisco.

Then, with Wingz, you are usually booked quite in advance, so you can be in better control of your schedule and you can better plan ahead.

Lastly, the rates are flat and in combination with the upfront bookings, this helps to calculate how much you will, more or less, earn during a specific period.

Flexibility and other benefits

• Flexibility is, of course, one of your benefits, while working as a driver. You can choose to work part time, full time, weekends or evenings only. You can also accept and deny booking requests at will.
• Wingz helps you boost your business with special marketing material.
• You are provided with a driver orientation, an online tutorial and even disability training to get started.
• You get paid every week via the app, which makes it super safe.

Tips to boost your business

  1. Put up a nice, smiling profile picture, so Riders can connect positively with you.

  2. Write a small bio on you: what are your hobbies, favorite restaurants or sports teams? Give info that you feel comfortable sharing. A Rider who reads your bio might engage in a conversation during the ride.

Share some info on you on your profile, so you can create a good impression and boost your business with Wingz in SF.

How do I apply for Wingz in San Francisco, CA?

First of all, fill in the Preliminary Driving Onboarding Form here
It is simple: you just fill in some basic info on yourself and on your vehicle.

The Wingz team will then :

  1. review your info and all the uploaded required documents

  2. do a background check and notify you about when the onboarding begins in your region, so you can do the required orientation session, online tutorial and knowledge test

  3. activate your profile on the Wingz platform, so you can download the Driver app (cannot be downloaded until your account is activated)

Note: It can take up to 30 days for the Wingz to process your application, so don’t worry, if you don’t hear from them right away!

When first submitting your form, you will be asked to give some basic info on your car.

Skills/experience/other information

• should be at least 21
• should have a valid driver’s license
• should have auto insurance
• should have a clean criminal record

Your vehicle:
• should be a 4-door vehicle
• should be 5 years old or more recent
• should be in good condition
• should have gone through vehicle inspection recently

Does Wingz have enough tasks to complete?

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AppJobs members’ average fee rating for Wingz in San Francisco, CA

Employment type: part-time / weekend / flexible

Working hours: own schedule

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