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5 reasons to rent out your car in San Francisco

If you own a car in San Francisco, renting it out can be a nice and easy way to quickly earn money whenever you need extra cash.

And we’re talking about substantial amounts of money too!

What are the common myths and misconceptions about car rentals in the US?

car rental San Francisco

Read aloud and be dazzled!

1. Car rentals are safe

Is it safe to rent out your car to strangers? is a question we always hear.

Many people are afraid that their car may end up with someone unable to take proper care of it or damage it in various ways.

And this is a normal and perfectly understandable fear!

However, we have good news: apps like Turo, RVshare, or Getaround always carefully verify their signed up renters.

More than this, they offer $1,000,000 primary insurance in case anything happens with your car.

2. Car rentals are great for money-making

Well, trust us, if you own a car - and especially a camper or RV - you own a money-making machine.

You can be making $1,000 per month!

3. Helps community building

Renting our your car to people in your San Francisco neighborhood will strengthen relations between people and make you a better (and richer!) pillar in your San Francisco community.

You can even swap cars with people!

Wouldn’t that be nice?

4. It’s better than anything else

Renting your car is healthier and more profitable than simply selling it if you don’t need it anymore or letting it be in the parking lot/ garage when you don’t use it.

Renting out will bring more income, it will help others around you, and it will offer your car a longer and brighter life with many trips around California!

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Overall rating and reviews for Private Car Rentals - San Francisco, CA
Private Car Rentals - San Francisco, CA
Ronald D.
Ronald D.
San Francisco, CA
Jeffery W.
San Francisco, CA
Eaze - San Francisco, CA
The depot I worked at was pretty chill. Very busy at the time but fir this particular depot the Eaze contract was not renewed and a new company came in. A few months later I was terminated for attendance. Eaze knew I was a caregiver for a mental patient and was ok with me being late. The new company was not.
Kenneth B.
San Francisco, CA
Eaze - San Francisco, CA
Yeah I worked part time for them . At first I could pick my own shifts,then after a couple of months there were no shifts. Eaze then said they relocating to Brisbane but never heard from them again?

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