Pet sitting & walking jobs in San Francisco

Step 1
Make good money

Step 2
Work when you want

Step 3
No office, no boss

6 benefits for pet carers in San Francisco

Who doesn’t love fluffing dogs and earning extra cash at the same time?

If you want to become a *professional pet sitter and are looking around for pet sitting jobs, here are some of the perks you can look forward to:

1. You’ll be paid rather nicely!

Working companies such as Care, Wag, and Rover will earn you $12 per hour. Imagine getting paid that well to play with dogs and kitty cats!

2. You decide when you want to pet sit and for how long!

This is a nice part! Whatever you have going on in San Francisco, you’ll never have to worry about having a rigid job.

Whether you study and have an exam tomorrow, a date in the evening, or a show to catch downtown, there’s never a boss to deal with!

You’re the boss!

You decide when you want to work and, more than this, you decide your own rates!

3. Double up for double pay!

You don’t have to just walk one dog at a time. San Francisco is full of fluffy dogs that want to be walked around!

You can get matched with more dogs and double or triple your hourly pay!

Some experienced walkers are even strolling the streets of San Francisco with 6 dogs in hand!

pet sitting jobs San Francisco

4. It’s not a hassle to find clients

Thanks to app-based platforms like Rover or Wag, you never have to deal with flyers, internet ads, or newspapers like before. Just check the app!

Connecting with potential clients is easier now than ever before! So can find the perfect puppy match for you in no time!

5. Relieves all stress!

Chill out with your new fluffy workmates in the park or in the garden.

You couldn’t have asked for a less stressful vocation!

**But never forget: you must earn the trust of the kitty to pet the belly **

6. Be your own dog-walking enterprise

You might be surprised to learn that many of the founders of the world’s dog-walking companies started as walkers themselves!

When you have enough clients and experience, you can create a website and offer your services to the people of San Francisco too!

Pet sitting is great even just for the fun of it! Fun and profitable!

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Overall rating and reviews for Pet Sitter - San Francisco, CA
Pet Sitter - San Francisco, CA
Ronald D.
Ronald D.
San Francisco, CA
Jeffery W.
San Francisco, CA
Eaze - San Francisco, CA
The depot I worked at was pretty chill. Very busy at the time but fir this particular depot the Eaze contract was not renewed and a new company came in. A few months later I was terminated for attendance. Eaze knew I was a caregiver for a mental patient and was ok with me being late. The new company was not.
Kenneth B.
San Francisco, CA
Eaze - San Francisco, CA
Yeah I worked part time for them . At first I could pick my own shifts,then after a couple of months there were no shifts. Eaze then said they relocating to Brisbane but never heard from them again?

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