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Oh, the sparkly surfaces of San Francisco!

Sparkle, sparkle - all the cleaning jobs in San Francisco at your feet!

Maybe you have a soft spot for cleaning and making every carpet smell nice. Or maybe you simply need a job that brings money.

That’s fine!

cleaning jobs in San Francisco

If you think you good do a nice job cleaning around and about San Francisco, helping mothers and fathers clean their houses, then you could be in for some really good income!

There are a couple of companies you can go for if want to give it a try and see how much money you can really earn!*

The good thing about these platforms, is that they give you the chance to try something else than cleaning if you decide this is not for you.

Such as being a handyman or handywoman! Good at fixing stuff? Than why not?

You can choose whatever you’re good at and get in return:

Flexible schedule
• Great income
• The possibility to switch from one job to another anytime
• To be a cleaner for half a day, and a repairman the other half
• And charge as much money as you want for both of them!

So, what are you waiting for? Get a cleaning job in San Francisco right away and tell us how it went by reviewing the companies!

Your income is in your hands!

If you want to know more, first learn about the basics - how to get a cleaning job. Then, if you still plan to start cleaning career, read about how much do cleaners and housekeepers make in United States?

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Overall rating and reviews for Cleaning - San Francisco, CA
Cleaning - San Francisco, CA
Ronald D.
Ronald D.
San Francisco, CA
Jeffery W.
San Francisco, CA
Eaze - San Francisco, CA
The depot I worked at was pretty chill. Very busy at the time but fir this particular depot the Eaze contract was not renewed and a new company came in. A few months later I was terminated for attendance. Eaze knew I was a caregiver for a mental patient and was ok with me being late. The new company was not.
Kenneth B.
San Francisco, CA
Eaze - San Francisco, CA
Yeah I worked part time for them . At first I could pick my own shifts,then after a couple of months there were no shifts. Eaze then said they relocating to Brisbane but never heard from them again?

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San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA

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