Babysitting jobs in San Francisco

Step 1
Make good money

Step 2
Work when you want

Step 3
No office, no boss

Why babysitting is the right job to have in San Francisco

San Francisco can be a busy, bustling city. Parents go to work, meetings, dinners, and they oftenly need help during the day or night to take proper care of their children.

But here it goes:

Childcare is a work sector that has been long up and about in San Francisco. Babysitting jobs have always been popular among students. However, now you will find them all centralised here at!

Here are some childcare apps and platforms you might want to check out when searching for a babysitting job:


Whether you live in Fillmore, Haight-Ashbury, or anywhere in San Francisco really, you can easily get a childcare job in your neighbourhood. You can check all the requests in your area and pick the ones you like.

Keep in mind: sometimes babysitting job platforms offer pet care jobs as well!

If you’re into kitties or puppies and didn’t find the childcare offer you were looking for, don’t despair!

You might want to throw an eye at this too!

Why should you get a babysitting job in San Francisco?

Childcare jobs in San Francisco

• You only need to work once in a while
• It gets you great pocket-money
• You can have fun with kids in your free time
• Or puppies – if you choose the pet-care option
• And you get better social/ pet-care skills!

Thus, if you’re a student, or simply need a weekend job, getting a part-time as a babysitter in San Francisco is the right thing to do.

Try out Urbansitter, Sittercity, and, and tell us how it went! Leave a review for every company, and help others like you get the best childcare and pet care jobs in San Francisco!

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Overall rating and reviews for Babysitting - San Francisco, CA
Babysitting - San Francisco, CA
Ronald D.
Ronald D.
San Francisco, CA
Jeffery W.
San Francisco, CA
Eaze - San Francisco, CA
The depot I worked at was pretty chill. Very busy at the time but fir this particular depot the Eaze contract was not renewed and a new company came in. A few months later I was terminated for attendance. Eaze knew I was a caregiver for a mental patient and was ok with me being late. The new company was not.
Kenneth B.
San Francisco, CA
Eaze - San Francisco, CA
Yeah I worked part time for them . At first I could pick my own shifts,then after a couple of months there were no shifts. Eaze then said they relocating to Brisbane but never heard from them again?

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