Pet sitting & walking jobs in San Bernardino

Step 1
Make good money

Step 2
Work when you want

Step 3
No office, no boss

Do you love dogs? If so you’ll most likely just love working with pet care in San Bernardino!

But incase you’re not yet convinced, let us tell you of just 7 perks you can look forward to:

1. The pay is great

Working companies such as Care and Rover, you could be earning $12 per hour on average. What better way to get paid than to play with puppies!

2. When you work is up to you!

This is the best part! Whatever else occupies your attention and time in San Bernardino, you’ll never again need to stress out about finding pockets of free time outside your work!

Regardless of if you’re a student with a high pressure test coming up at the end of the week, or a date in the evening, or a show to catch with your friends in Los Angeles, you never have to deal with a boss!

You’re the boss!

3. More dogs means more money!

You don’t have to just walk one dog at a time, you know! You can also get matched with more dogs and double your hourly pay! Some experienced walkers are even strolling the streets of San Bernardino with 10 dogs in hand!

4. *Finding clients is so easy

Using apps like Rover, connecting with potential paying clients is so much easier! No need to hunt for flyers at your local grocery store, or put out any ads. It’s all right there in the app!

You’ll findthe perfect puppy match for you in no time!

5. The fees are super low!

Companies like Rover and Care are much more interested in keeping their users committed and happy when working, therefor commissions are always kept as low as they can go!

6. This is the most stress-free work there is!

Having a workweek consist of chilling with some furry puppy pals around town or their garden, You could ask for a less stressful way to earn!

7. Branch out into your own thing

It might not be that be much of a surprise to you that many founders of the world’s dog-walking companies actually started as walkers themselves!

When you have enough clients and experience, you can create a website and offer your services to the people of San Bernardino too!

Pet sitting is great even just for the fun of it! Fun and profitable!

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