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Storage Host

Rent out your unused space as storage and earn!

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500 USD per year
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A free space is a profitable space in San Antonio as well!

Who says that you have to see and not make any money off your empty space in San Antonio? It has never been easier to rent out one’s private properties located somewhere in town. We’re here to tell you how to rent your home and other free spaces out!

San Antonio Private Home/Space Rental

Rent out your free space in San Antonio and start making money today!

Don’t miss the opportunity of earning some extra cash by renting out your home or free space! Sharing your property with others does not necessarily require so much effort. It is really not like a real job in an office, still, you can earn as much money as a person working part-time, for instance.

Besides all these, you have full control and decide on everything when participating in the private rental service experience. You can definitely be selective when it comes to accepting requests, setting rental fees, marking the dates when your space is available and specifying the length of the rental period.

What can I list online while residing in San Antonio?

You can make a free listing of your:

entire home
free room or couch
parking space

Tell me how I can sign up!

While most of the companies are pretty similar, some are quite specific. Rent Like A Champion aims at connecting sports fans, misterb&b’s goal is to unite the gay community.

Be curious!
Choose a company/the companies (e.g. Airbnb, Spot Hero, FlipKey, etc.) you like!
Read about the requirements!
Create a detailed and attractive profile!
Upload nice photos of your place!
Indicate your rental rates and availability!
In some cases, you might be contacted by the company to have a one-on-one meeting.
Read more about renting parking spots here:

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Private Home / Space Rentals - San Antonio, TX
San Antonio, TX
Sittercity - San Antonio, TX
i don’t know just yet
Julian B.
Julian B.
San Antonio, TX
TaskRabbit Electrician - San Antonio, TX
Excellent company very easy to work with
Benjamin M.
San Antonio, TX
Gigwalk - San Antonio, TX
There prettu good for what it is

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