Babysitting jobs in San Antonio

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Make good money

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Work when you want

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Can you imagine yourself working as a babysitter in San Antonio? We surely can!

Whether you’ve enjoyed watching nannies like Mary Poppins, Fran Fine, Nanny McPhee, or
Annie Braddock, being a babysitter in real life is different. However, working in childcare is always rewarding. By taking on babysitting jobs in San Antonio, you could be taking care of yourself and your expenses while taking care of others.

San Antonio Babysitting jobs

Make a living as a babysitter in San Antonio!

Working in childcare is a type of job that does not necessarily require so much experience, but you should be responsible and love working with kids. With enthusiasm and loads of determination, you can easily become a popular babysitter in San Antonio.

When parents are busy or need a bit of free time, they certainly could use some extra hands. Work as a part- or full-time babysitter or have it as a side job only, families living in San Antonio are waiting for you.

How can I become a babysitter in San Antonio?

That is quite simple:

  1. Create a profile, for example on Urbansitter or Sittercity!

  2. Set your skills + Nice photos of you!

  3. Browse babysitting jobs!

  4. Connect with families!

  5. Start working!

But: On most platforms, it is a prerequisite to undergo a background check. So don’t be surprised if you need to do one!

What should I pay attention to as a babysitter before, during and after my shift?

A great deal of the work depends on open and frank communication. Besides that:

  1. Ask for guidelines & basic information!

  2. Discuss your tasks in detail with the parent(s)!

  3. Be aware of allergies!

  4. Know the rules the kids need to follow!

  5. Never leave the kids alone!

  6. Be consistent!

  7. Be on time! Always!

  8. Report everything you think needs to be reported such as small injuries!

  9. Etc.

Many of these sound pretty trivial, we know. Still, those are the things that somehow get forgotten and ignored. We also advise you to have a calendar/notebook and write down all the information you need to be able to fulfill your tasks flawlessly in San Antonio.

Best of luck!

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