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Driving jobs

xooox - driving jobs in Nottingham

Download the xooox app and earn more money while working as a taxi or independent driver in Nottingham!

20 GBP per hour Not verified by AppJobs
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What is xooox?

The UK start-up Perfect Data have launched the xooox driver app that, as its name suggests, is for drivers – in Nottingham and a lot of rural and urban areas in the UK. (As of January 2020, they’re not in Northern Ireland yet.) The app is free to download and install, and taxi and independent drivers only pay commission fees if they want to. If you’d like to become a more efficient driver and give a slight boost to your monthly earnings, drive a few hours with xooox in Nottingham.

How much xooox pays in Nottingham

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Rating of compensation

xooox drivers can make about £20 per hour, but it depends on how much they charge their passengers.

xooox requirements in Nottingham

  • xooox asks you to prove you have the following:
  • xooox hasn’t provided any information

Does it take a long time to sign up?

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Working with xooox in Nottingham

xooox works like other ride-hailing apps. The main difference is that the drivers take control over rates and fees.

Whenever you make the decision that it’s time to use xooox, you turn on the app. You’ll have access to a live map of passengers waiting in your vicinity. By this time, you might have already set your price-per-mile rate, added your licences, and determined how much commission to pay. (The minimum is zero per cent.)

Whether you only drive in central Nottingham or rural areas as well, you decide.

Taxi firms can also download the app for free and recruit drivers through it.

Courtesy of xooox.

How do I apply for xooox in Nottingham?

It takes a couple of minutes to get started with xooox.

  1. You download the app.

  2. Adjust the settings and set up an account to get your money on time. (xooox does weekly payments.)

  3. You open the application, see the live map of passengers all around Nottingham, and start driving them to their destinations.

Courtesy of xooox.

Skills/experience/other information

To drive with xooox in Nottingham, you have to:

  • be 18 or older;

  • be fully licensed;

  • have a smartphone compatible with the app and with a great Internet connection; and

  • have a PHV or a hackney carriage driving licence.

Does xooox have enough tasks to complete?

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No registration fee to be paid when downloading the xooox driver app. You only pay commission charges if you’re willing to do it. (Some pounds might be subtracted from your earnings to cover transaction fees.)

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