Handyman/odd jobs in Nashville, TN

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Give a hand to people in Nashville and earn money!

So many people do not know how or don’t have the time to fix things around the house, do certain chores or assemble the new furniture they bought online. Do you have the knowledge? Don’t keep it for yourself! Share it with people in Nashville and get paid for it!

Your handyman skills can earn you money in Nashville!

Choose your handyman services and working times

Fix cars with Your mechanic or accept different kind of chores like mounting a TV, fixing a fence, organizing a room, assembling furniture, painting a wall, doing plumbing or setting up a new computer with TaskRabbit, Takl or Thumbtack.

You can always specify what services you can give and when you are available to offer them. This way you are in total charge of your schedule and tasks.

You can either be a professional who is looking to maximize their business, or an amateur, having some talented hands. Either way, people in Nashville will be happy to get your help.

Our tips for choosing the suitable platform

The important thing is that you understand all the details regarding the different platforms. Make sure to read through our reviews on them and make notes of their features. Give extra attention to the requirements and any fees involved so you get a clear idea of what they entail and how much money you can expect to earn.

Good luck with your tasks!

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