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Dog lovers in Naples, prepare yourselves! You can make good money, while taking up pet sitting jobs in the city!

If you are a dog person, that would like to spend more time with cute dogs and puppies in Naples, why not take up pet sitting and pet walking jobs and make money, while you are genuinely having fun? Work whenever, wherever and just as much as you need, while playing with and taking care of lovable dogs!

The most fun way to make money in Naples is definitely with pet sitting jobs!

How is it to work as a dog sitter?

If you love dogs, then you will love taking up pet sitting jobs with Pawshake or DogBuddy in Naples.

You can arrange your schedule exactly as it suits you and are free to work according to your particular needs. You can set your own rates for your services and accept or deny requests at will.

You can offer services like:
• Home Dog Boarding
• Doggy Day Care
• Dog Walking
• Home Visits
• House Sitting

Things to look out for as a pet sitter

You should always discuss with the pet owners about details, like what exactly they expect from you, if the dogs have any health or behavior issues you should know of, special eating habits etc. before accepting gigs!

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