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Share your inside knowledge of Naples with travelers and make an income!

Naples is a very touristic place. Good weather, good food and easy going people make it a popular destination for people from around the world. The thing is that most tourists nowadays are looking for experiences off the beaten path. They are more interested in genuine, local tour guides. Give them what they want as an experienced insider of Naples!

Do you know Naples inside out? Take up a tour guide job and make money, while having fun around the city!

I am not a professional tour guide. Can I still do this?

Yes, ABSOLUTELY YES. You can design your own tour according to your personal interests, knowledge and passions. It can be a walking tour around landmarks in the city, a bar hopping tour, where you can taste beers, a restaurant tour, a shopping tour or even a more niche tour, like showing people around interesting graffiti art.

How is it to work as a local guide?

The best part is that you are in total control of how many hours you will put into tour guiding around Naples. You can do it part time or full time. You can arrange your tours for some weekday evenings or only once a week. And you can accept or decline booking requests at will. Keep in mind that you can also set the price you think is fair for the type of tour you will be giving.

Want our advice?
Create a unique and original tour, make sure to describe it in a way that sounds fun and alluring and see that the participants are aware of the necessary details: meeting points, how long it will last, if there will be any additional costs, etc.
For inspiration and ideas on how to create your tour have a look here.

Happy touring!

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