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Become a home chef of the world-praised Italian cuisine for travelers and earn money!

Italy should be spelled Eataly, don’t you agree? The Italian cuisine with its pasta, pizzas and fresh and delicious vegetables is world known! This is why so many travelers expect to eat good food, when they visit Naples for a trip. Show off your kitchen talents, prepare authentic home cooked meals for them and win their appreciation and extra money! You can meet interesting people and even end up with new friends along the way!

Is pizza your specialty? Prepare pizzas for travelers and earn money!

Dare it, even if you are not a professional!

Travelers will choose you and not go to a restaurant, because they are interested in having a home cooked meal, done by an original Italian and sit around a table with you. They want to get to know the food culture in Naples and interact with local people like you. So, no you don’t have to be a professional. You only need to know how to cook a good Italian meal.

How to become a home chef in Naples

Simply sign up with one of the available chef jobs apps. Choose among Meal Sharing or VoulezVousDiner for hosting dinners or lunches and Vegvisits, for vegetarian travelers. Notice that, through Vegvisits, you can also provide accommodation.

Before deciding which app you are going to sign up with, make sure you read all the details. It goes without saying that you are free to choose the food you will be serving, the price for each meal, the people you are having over and the amount of time you are willing to put into this.

Spread the Italian food culture. Become the best home chef in Naples!

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