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The City

Oh, Naples and Italy, right? So many wonders, so many scooters, and so many food and wine. In the shade of the Vesuvius, Naples is home to nearly one million people. But then you also need to think about the tourists coming to visit all the ancient and contemporary sites.

If you’re a student in Napoli, you know that you pay less for things in Naples than you would in Rome. Luckily, you can join the sharing economy and do some gigs to work flexible hours and to be your own boss.

Naples and The Gig Economy

Not only young people but also more and more members of the older generations find themselves pursuing new dreams and seeking new ways of boosting their monthly income. Fortunately, the gig economy can offer diverse opportunities for everyone interested in earning extra money part-time or on the side.

  1. Due to its location, it makes so much sense to start with home rental and local guiding jobs. You can find both in Naples, and home rental really means passive income. And tour guide jobs will hopefully bring you joy and happiness so those won’t feel like work.

  2. Following this path paved with delight, babysitting, senior care and pet-sitting jobs could come into your way in Naples. Why not give back something to society while also making money during the week?

  3. But what if cooking or crafting things make you happy? Well, have you ever thought about becoming a home chef or signing up for a platform to sell your meticulously crafted items? Even photographs could work, we’re just saying!

  4. You might be one of those enthusiastic individuals who loves sharing their knowledge. Well, online teaching has already attracted quite a few people in Naples, don’t you want to join them? Or look at the freelance category and see all the freelance jobs displayed. Sometimes a speciality is needed, but not always!

  5. And if you like fixing broken things around the house or can spot all the dirty spots and those actually drive you a bit crazy, why not sign up as handyman or cleaner? Plenty of handyman and cleaning jobs are listed online, so you can easily accept and decline requests in Naples – as you wish.

  6. If you kind of think that delivery and driving jobs rank number one and two in the sharing economy, take care of food or passengers in Naples! It’s your time, your life and you’re the boss!

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