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Tutoring jobs with UniversityTutor in Melbourne

What is UniversityTutor?

What do you know best? Chemistry? Math? Biology or English? Whatever the subject you rock, you will find plenty of students on UniversityTutor that need your tutoring skills to improve their performance at school or university.

As a tutor with UniversityTutor you will be totally independent to work when you want and for the money you think is fair for your tutoring services. UniversityTutor does the job of connecting you with students and the rest is up to you to arrange.

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How much UniversityTutor pays in Melbourne

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Rating of compensation

You can expect to earn between $10 and $250 per hour. Make sure to start with a competitive pay rate and raise it after you receive positive feedback.

UniversityTutor requirements in Melbourne

  • UniversityTutor asks you to prove you have the following:
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Does it take a long time to sign up?

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Working with UniversityTutor in Melbourne

  • UniversityTutor will notify you every time someone wants to hire you. You can then decide which students you will work with according to your availability.

  • UniversityTutor is a mere connector - all the job details are up to you to arrange with your students
    (schedule, payments etc.)

  • You are free to set your own prices and choose your payment method (cash, check, Paypal, etc).

  • There are no fees when using UniversityTutor

  • You can start with a lower pay rate, collect positive reviews and increase your hourly rate over time.

  • You can use marketing tools to promote your tutor profile.

  • There is a possibility to get selected as a UniversityTutor.com Local Ambassador, to represent the website and be a local contact point for press opportunities.

How do I apply for UniversityTutor in Melbourne?

Sign up as a tutor in just a few seconds here.

Fill in all the required information, upload a profile photo and explain in a clear and nice way what you do, to make your profile appealing to potential students.

You will immediately start appearing in search results on UniversityTutor’s website and you can start earning right away!

Does UniversityTutor have enough tasks to complete?

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