Online teaching & tutoring jobs in Melbourne

Step 1
Make good money

Step 2
Work when you want

Step 3
No office, no boss

Do you speak more than one language and have what it takes to become a teacher? Then register yourself as a language teacher on platforms like Lingoda, Classbento, Preply, or Tutoroo.

If you do not want to teach a language, teach anything that interests you and that you have proficiency in, like coding, excel, photshop, etc.on Udemy.

These platforms give you the chance to teach what you’re good at and have a passion for. And what is better then
working while having fun?

You decide your working hours, your schedule, you accept or decline students. But remember an online class room is not like a normal class room and as an online teacher you have to keep up the concentration and motiviations of your students.

If you keep all of this in mind and have fun while teaching what you are good at you can make good money as an online teacher on app-based platforms.

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