Home-chef jobs in Melbourne

Step 1
Make good money

Step 2
Work when you want

Step 3
No office, no boss

Peer-to-peer dining is blooming in Melbourne! This is how to become a part of it!

Here you go:

Have you heard of social dining? It’s one of the highlights of 2018! Instead of being glued to their smartphones, random people meet up over delicious food and have fun! In Melbourne and all all over Australia!

Where does all the dining & socializing take place?

At your home, of course! Well, for the most part! Social dining has become such a hit that there are countless platforms dedicated to connecting guests and hosts. Hosts throw dinner parties for guests who make reservations beforehand, make money and meet great people!

home-chef jobs in melbourne

It’s a network you can be a part of too! Just sign up as a super-chef in Melbourne!

And no - you don’t need to be certified chef either!

Sounds like a good idea? It gets better. Here is how you know if you are an entrepreneur chef at heart!

Social dining is fantastic on its own. But when it meets your entrepreneurial spirit and cooking skills, we enter a whole different world. The world of tasty meals and unexpected profits!

Would you like to make money accommodating friendly people at your home and serving them your delicious recipes?

This is the best part of having a home-chef job in Melbourne:

• You choose your own menu
• You decide if you want to sign up for a vegetarian platform or not
• You set your own rates per plate
• You decide on the hours you want to cook!

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