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Experience the Australian lifestyle to its finest in Melbourne! In Melbourne you can enjoy great coffee, cultural diversity, unique street art und tasty food. Let us break down what else you shouldn’t miss in Melbourne:

Part-time / weekend jobs in Melbourne

St. Kilda

Despite the vibrant and exciting city center and Melbourne’s parks and mountain ranges, there is the bayside suburb of St. Kilda. There’s a gorgeous beach, with famous Victorian beachhouses, and a pier. Besides the picturesque neighborhood of St. Kilda, there is something more you should see…


Decades ago a penguin established itself at St. Kilda. The penguins arrive just after sunset every night of the year. In order to protect the colony during the days, penguin guides are on duty, also to answer your questions. However, St. Kilda is not the online place where you can spot penguins. Just a short ride away from Melboune you will find Phillip Island which is famous for its penguin parade.

Queen Victoria Market

While in Melbourne you should stroll through this market and taste excellent cheeses, olives and smoked meats. You’ll also find many artisanal crafts made by local creatives, as well as souvenirs for your friends back home.

Laneways and street art

Melbourne is well-known for its street art and its laneways which include Centre Place, AC/DC Lane, Hardware Lane and Degraves Lane. The street art is adding a great urban vibe that tourists and locals both enjoy. You can either get a map of street art or you can join a Melbourne street art tour.

Part-time / weekend jobs in Melbourne

Melbourne ranks among the most liveable cities in the world. If you want to stay in this hip city, you should get a job that allows you to stay all flexible to experience what Melbourne has to offer.
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Part-time and weekend jobs in Melbourne

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