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Freelance jobs

Upwork freelance jobs in Liverpool

Grow your own freelance business with Upwork and never run out of clients

15 GBP per job Not verified by AppJobs
What you need
Ready to go!

What is Upwork?

Freelancers want work and they want it now.

Nothing in the world can make them happier, than having hundreds of tasks they can choose from.

At any given time.

What if we told you that this is possible?

And that these tasks are not be random, uninteresting and unprofessional gigs.

How much Upwork pays in Liverpool

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Rating of compensation

They usually make £15 per task on average. However, your experience and the difficulty of the task can increase the final rate drastically.

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Upwork requirements in Liverpool

  • Upwork asks you to prove you have the following:
  • Upwork hasn’t provided any information

Does it take a long time to sign up?

No signup length added yet.How long was the signup process?

Ratings: the amount of time it took you to start the gig

Working with Upwork in Liverpool

That is why there are so many freelancers that make a living through Upwork.

Freelancing is the future. It’s the most profitable level of comfort and making money combined.

So, why not join this fantastic community now?

As a freelancer on Upwork, you have the freedom to work on projects that inspire you. Making easy money on your own terms is a very welcome bonus!

You can choose to work in your area of expertise and set your rates depending on your level of experience. You can also work in fields that you want to develop in the future! There is no limit to how much you want to work, your hours will depend on how availability and the popularity of your fields!

Work from home - you can perform this job from your home or from everywhere you want.

How do I apply for Upwork in Liverpool?

Start out by signing up on Upwork’s website. You will browse tasks, and submit proposals (a simple message) for the ones that you like! You will be notified once your proposal is approved.

It’s so easy to start working!

Skills/experience/other information

Anyone can become a freelancer on Upwork, as long as they have:

• Enough knowledge and skills to complete the given tasks
• A computer to work on

Does Upwork have enough tasks to complete?

No task availability added yet.Were you happy with the number of tasks available for you to do?

Ratings: number of tasks to do


There is a 20% fee that decreases to 10% and 5% depending on how much you earn. The website will notify you of such changes.

AppJobs members’ average fee rating for Upwork in Liverpool


There are no hidden costs!

Employment type: part-time / weekend / flexible

Working hours: own schedule

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