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How to rent out your place in Liverpool and find the most suitable guests for your cozy home!

Do you live in Liverpool? Are you thinking about renting out your apartment on platforms like Airbnb, Roomorama, or FlipKey? Well, truth is: it has become quite popular to list your home online and ask for various sums of money in return.


Because it’s a great way for owners to earn cash, and for travelers to experience something else than superposed beds and hotel rooms. It feels a bit more natural to stay at a local’s place, especially when you can get real tips & tricks on the city you might be experiencing for the first time.

Want to rent your home?

It’s only natural.

But given the variety of homes out there, one should know how to pick well fitted guests for his or her place. And that’s why we’ve made a tiny checklist for you to go through, before listing your home and earning instant & constant income.

Why should I consider this checklist?

Well, simply to avoid uncomfortable situations. Imagine you’re super passionate about taxidermy, for instance, and your place is full of stuffed seagulls and wild boars. Some people will feel uncomfortable in your living room, while others will absolutely love it!

You just have to cater your place to the right audience.

Learn to share all kinds of details on your profile and attract requests from like-minded people. Show the world who you are and what your place is like, and help everyone have a super pleasant experience.

Learn how to cater to your kind of people!

Here’s the deal:

All owners differ and all tastes are just as specific - thus, you can expect a wide range of self-designed apartments out there on the online market, and they’re all suited for a certain type of personality and preference.

And that’s the cool part:

You just have to make sure the right kind of people ends up at your place.
This is an easy task. You only have to follow a few steps:

• Take quality pictures of your space
• And also take detail pictures
• Of your favourite plant, carpet, painting, DVD collection, or whatever you find important and representative for yourself
• Describe your place as vividly and wittily
• And also describe yourself as an owner - what you like, dislike, what kind of CDs one can enjoy at your place!
• List your rules, your DOs and DON’Ts
• So that you don’t end up in unexpected situations
• But also mindful of the cleaning and maintenance of the apartment yourself
• Provide clean linens and towels for your guests
• And you can even leave some food in the fridge, if you’re kind!
• Just be specific with what you offer and who you are, and no unpleasant incidents should happen!

Honesty, honesty, honesty!

Be honest with whom you are and your guests will be too!
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