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Here is why animal care jobs are not the same anymore in the UK

You would probably agree that pet care was not as big as it is a few years ago. It was less than glamorous, and involved a lot of sitting around and doing nothing.

Not that that’s a bad thing…

Today, on the other hand, pet care is becoming more, dare we say, fun. Yes! There is an ever-growing need for petsitters and walkers. This definitely takes the job up a notch. Basically, animal care is not the boring labour that it used to be. Some postings even have requirements!

How we do know?

Check out platforms like Care and DogBuddy, there are hundreds of pets at home jobs and vacancies available right now. That’s why owners and sitters have higher expectations compared to 10 years ago.

So, how are these animal care vacancies different?

They no longer have to be temporary jobs to begin with. Although not many people enjoy dog walking full-time, it can certainly be a career opportunity for hardcore animal lovers!

Most of them also don’t have to involve overnight stays, meaning that you can also petsit during the day if you have time/feel like it.

How does this affect earnings?

Good question! Although earnings mostly depend on the “difficulty” of the job, Liverpool’s rates are rather good compared to the rest of the nation. £12 per hour is the average for the city.

We agree that earnings is the most important part of any job. That’s why animal care is perhaps the most pleasant temporary job one can hold in 2017. To sum up why pet care is a great opportunity to make money in Liverpool, you can consider the following as core factors:

Good pay

Are you ready for your very own pet care journey? Buckle up and check out all the opportunities in Liverpool now!

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