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Parking spot owner

Rent out your parking space in Liverpool with JustPark

Make money by renting out your parking space

10 GBP per day Not verified by AppJobs
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What is JustPark?

Driving around some nearby cities like Chester and Manchester, You’ve probably had a less than exciting time searching for a parking spot.

Have you considered the same experience holds very true for those visiting Liverpool?

Imagine if, while driving, you could know exactly where you need to go to park, beforehand.

With JustPark, this is exactly the service you’d be offering visitors to Liverpool by renting your park spot!

…and for good money!

How much JustPark pays in Liverpool

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Rating of compensation

You will make £10 per day on average.

Justpark Liverpool Users
Liverpool already has many active users on JustPark right now!

JustPark requirements in Liverpool

  • JustPark asks you to prove you have the following:
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Does it take a long time to sign up?

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Make money with JustPark in Liverpool

Many of your fellow scousers are already making money through their parking spots in Liverpool every month.

Consider this:

What other way is there to generate income from something you almost never think about?

Wherever your parking spot may be located, you’ll never be so happy to not park in it!

As a parking spot owner at JustPark in Liverpool, you will decide your spot’s availability, get regular bookings and receive payments directly to your bank account.

All the bookings are managed online, so it will be easy for you to track current bookings and approve of future requests. You would never have to travel to the parking spot.

Keep in mind that the more centrally your parking spot is in Liverpool, the more it will cost renters! Is your parking spot a 10 minute away from the Albert dock, Chinatown arch, or the Cavern Club? If so you’re in luck!

The closer to the popular tourist attractions your parking spot, the greater the profits!

Find out how much you can earn renting your parking spot in Liverpool:

How do I apply for JustPark in Liverpool?

Sign up on JustPark’s website. You will submit basic information about your parking spot to start making money!

Does JustPark have enough tasks to complete?

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