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Here’s how you can make money selling food from home in Liverpool

If you are reading this, chances are that you enjoy cooking to a certain extent. You love baking, or coming up with your own recipes to make your family and guests happy.

Most of us do anyway! But cooking is a real pleasure, and a truly comforting hobby for only some of us! I wonder if I’m one of those gifted people sometimes…

Back to the topic! Now imagine if there was a way to make money off all this experience that you have been gathering for years. All the hard work that went into creating the perfect apple pie recipe or that eggplant lasagne…

A way in which you could turn experience and expertise into money.

Well, guess what? It’s 2017 and anything is possible if you are devoted enough. If the above scenario is your story, then it’s about time you signed up to become a home-chef!

Why is becoming a freelance chef the ideal career for you?

Because unlike what the name might suggest, freelance chefs do NOT have to sign up with Craigslist or any other freelancing platforms that can seem sketchy. There are neat, professional and very profitable home-restaurant platforms that are available in Liverpool. Tourists are frequent visitors of these home-restaurants, where guests and hosts can make lifelong friendships!

Safety is always key, which is why all visitors and hosts are verified before a meal is booked!

So, how does this affect you?

It affects you in the best way possible. Check out Meal Sharing, VoulezVousDiner and Vegvisits! Wonderful platforms where a meal becomes a connecting force, an unforgettable experience and the beginning of friendships.

All the while making at least £150 per night.

It’s also very easy to sign up and start cooking. Most of the time, all you need is a demo dinner where you will show off your cooking skills. You get to pick your own menu and rates. You will also approve or decline guests as you like!

Convinced yet? Check out our selection of cooking platforms available in Liverpool now!

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