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Beauty therapist

Beauty therapist jobs in Liverpool | Freely

Offer your services as beauty, hair and massage therapists to clients all over Liverpool

60 GBP per booking Not verified by AppJobs
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What is Freely?

Freely is a platform that connects independent beauty, hair and massage therapists with clients in Liverpool. By joining Freely as a practitioner, customers will be able to book you online and even pay you safely through the platform.

So sign up today and offer your services to grow your network of customers!

How much Freely pays in Liverpool

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Rating of compensation

Freely allows you to choose the rate you want to charge for your services. On average, you would make £60 per treatment. Freely holds the payment securely, until 48 hours after the treatment has taken place – they then automatically transfer the funds to you.

Freely requirements in Liverpool

  • Freely asks you to prove you have the following:
  • Freely hasn’t provided any information

Does it take a long time to sign up?

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Working with Freely in Liverpool

After joining Freely as a practitioner, you can offer any of the following services and even more in Liverpool:

  • Massage services

  • Haircuts

  • Other beauty treatments

Once a customer has booked you, you will be able to see their phone number to get in touch with them to discuss further details of the booking. This way you can then go ahead and give them a call to discuss the treatment you will be providing. *And remember: You don’t need to accept any bookings that you don’t feel comfortable with or that simply don’t match your schedule.

If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, then you can do so by clicking the ‘edit’ booking button in the booking overview. The customer will then receive an email if you edit their booking, confirming the new appointment time.

How do I apply for Freely in Liverpool?

Sign up as a Freely practitioner here. Click the practitioner sign up button in the main menu bar, then follow the steps to create a profile and list your services, pricing, work locations and working hours.

Does Freely have enough tasks to complete?

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Freely charges a fee on bookings that they generate for you, their fee is fixed at 20% including VAT. Let’s say you have charged £100 for a treatment, once the treatment has been completed, Freely will transfer £80 directly to your bank account.

AppJobs members’ average fee rating for Freely in Liverpool

Employment type: part-time / weekend / flexible

Working hours: own schedule

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