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Freelance jobs can have many faces. The best thing is that you can work from the comfort of your own home, doing what you know and love best.

Want to be a local tour guide in Liverpool? Go for it!

Want to write codes and programs for big companies around the world? Do it!

Whether you want to sell your own creations as an IT person from a distance, or your advice on topics like taxes, excel or photoshop you can now do that from your couch in Liverpool too!

You will be allowed to travel, work from trains, cafes, you name it!

And, most importantly, you will set your prices! You can list your services online, then decide how much you want to charge for them.

It all depends, of course, what services you offer - creating a website will be more expensive than creating a simple birthday video!

Are there freelance jobs in Liverpool?

Of course! You can check the different platforms for freelance jobs that fit your skills!

Set your prices and start working!

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The application process just to deliver food is a joke, you’d think you were applying to run the country. Avoid!
Greta G.
Tailster - Liverpool
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