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Private Courier

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Deliver parcels, flowers, food, and get money TODAY!

Whirl around town to help people save time, and make money from the comfort of your seat. When everyone is in a perpetual commotion, everyone is also in need of fast delivered food, products, parcels, equipment, everything. Be the one to deliver it.

The best part?

They will pay good money and good tips for it! Do you have some spare time, or want to take up delivering as a full time job? You can be part of the jive whenever you want and how much you want it. Fully-flexible, you can choose both your working hours and your means of transport.

What to keep in mind when delivering in Liverpool

There are, of course, pros & cons to getting a delivery job. And as we know a lot of people who’ve been doing that for years (and sticked to it!), we can give you some insights & tips:

We’re not going to beat around the bush:

• It can be hectic
• But that’s why you never get bored, in a sense
• Time rarely drags for a delivery person
• It’s also great if you’re not a the most social of butterflies - you spend most of your time on the road
• And you only have very brief conversations with clients
• Short encounters can be the best encounters!
• And you can listen to whatever music you want all day long
• But keep in mind: the busiest hours bring the most generous of tips - if you’re brave and want to face the traffic to make a lot of money, try delivering at peak hours!
• And did we mention the employee discounts?
• Sometimes they’re available for both you and your friends!
In the end:

Shifts go by real quickly, and you end up with piles of tips at the end of the day.
Truthfully: delivery jobs are a great way to spend your summer or simply your spare time. If you are in need of money and ready to drive or paddle half a day - which can be cool any way - you should,

Oh well,

Apply now!

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