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The City

Lille is close to London, Paris and Brussels and yet it has its own special flavour. It is the 3rd biggest student city in France with a population of over 100,000 students, many of whom international. The students give the city a young, hipster vibe and a welcoming atmosphere. Small coffee shops and bars are sprouting all over the place and Lille has many jobs to offer in the digital sector. Quality of life is great in Lille and it can get even better with a part-time job opportunity!

Lille Part-time / weekend / student jobs
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Lille and the Gig Economy

If you are a student, a stay-at-home parent, retired or someone who wants to supplement their income with some flexible gigs, then you can sure find some opportunities on AppJobs.

If you know Lille like the back of your hand, you could arrange local tours for travellers who want to experience the authentic Lille. You could even offer accommodation to them at your spare room or sofa via a home rental app to earn a passive income.

And how about some freelancing from the comfort of your sofa? You can take up all kinds of flexible gigs, like taking surveys, offering marketing services or online courses - why not in French or the subject you are studying!

There are always jobs that you can do with no special skills, like pet sitting, cleaning or delivery driving and others that you can put your talents at work, like selling handmade items online or offering handyman services.

Working with an online platform in Lille will give you the flexibility you need to achieve your desired goals, combine your studies or personal life with work, make good money and work on your own terms.

Choose the suitable platform for your skills and abilities via AppJobs today!

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Part-time and weekend jobs in Lille
Jean Paul B.
Jean Paul B.
MOBROG - Lille
Au niveau des enquêtes, nous ne sommes pas toujours bien rémunérés.

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